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Taking traditional architectural culture of Korean Peninsula as research object, the author carries out a study on it’s source and developing process by comparative study with traditional Chinese architectural culture.

This study is made up of three main parts: the first part mainly discusses and defines the relationship between traditional Chinese and Korean architectural culture; the second part mainly argues about the meaning of the characteristics of traditional Korean architectural culture; the third part mainly analyzes factors that exert influences on the developing process of traditional Korean architectural culture such as geography relationship, political relationship, Buddhism, Confucianism, Fengshui and so on.

By analysis on main elements of the traditional architectural culture of Korean Peninsula such as capital cities, palaces, Buddhism temples, education buildings, tombs, wooden structures, landscape and gardening, this dissertation proves that the traditional architectural culture of Korean Peninsula is exactly a kind of anomalous form of traditional Chinese architectural culture. The characteristic of traditional Korean architectural culture is like the following: 1 it’s cultural background and main contents are same with Chinese ones, namely, it was a regional form of Chinese culture; 2 it did not have an autonomy developing process, but absorbed Chinese architectural culture of different ages and regions; 3 it was not a faithful copy of Chinese architectural culture, but made changes because of conditions of Korean peninsula topography, political relationship, social structure and so on. Thus the so called characteristics came into being, but those characteristics could be defined as: 1 adaptation of natural conditions of Korean Peninsula; 2 limitation from material and technical conditions; 3 limitation from the political relationship between Korea and Chinese central governments.



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